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Aircraft Management

A full-service aircraft and flight management company since 1996, Shearwater Air conducts both Part 91 (non-commercial aircraft) and Part 135 (commercial aircraft) operations and complies with strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements, assuring its policies and procedures meet the highest standard in operating practices and safety.

Shearwater Air offers multiple aircraft management services, including helping individuals purchase a private plane; maintaining operations of its clients’ aircraft; and chartering aircraft for the client, turning assets into revenue. Shearwater Air has the ability to plan and track flights; hire and train personnel; and negotiate pricing for fuel, insurance, training and maintenance. Fuel discounts, alone, can save the owner of a midsize aircraft thousands of dollars per year.

Day-to-day management of client aircraft includes:

  • Technical Service: equipment maintenance, safety checks and repairs
  • Crew Management: hiring, background checks, uniforms, payroll and   comprehensive benefits packages
  • Training Assistance: programs for pilots, crew, maintenance and other staff
  • Security Systems & Procedures: facility, aircraft, crew and passengers
  • FAA Compliance: monitoring to ensure compliance with all federal       regulations

Aircraft management eliminates stress for private plane owners. Shearwater Air maintains aircraft to the utmost, peak performance and safety. Shearwater Air’s highly experienced and well trained pilots have flown hundreds of thousands of miles and have maintained an impeccable safety record.

Quality Experience

Shearwater Air consists of industry veterans who take pride in exemplary safety and operations records.  They have been assisting aircraft owners who enjoy the convenience and comfort of on-demand travel but do not want to personally handle the numerous operational details required.

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