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Charter Services

Unlike commercial airlines, which follow strict flight schedules and only serve 580 domestic airports, Shearwater Air provides exceptional flight charter services for customers, their families and even their pets: Anywhere. Anytime.

Avoid long security lines and exhausting crowds. Fly Shearwater Air and enjoy the convenience of driving your car right up to the airplane and having your bags loaded for you from your trunk onto the plane.

Flying above the weather between 41,000 and 45,000 feet – much higher than commercial airlines – Shearwater promises a smooth flight in a quiet and well-appointed cabin with a full array of services to meet client needs.

During the flight, passengers enjoy delicious catered meals – and without having to worry about leaving liquids at home – they can pair their in-flight meal with an exquisite bottle of wine from their cellar, or Shearwater will have whatever vintage they desire ready onboard.

With our client’s peace of mind a top priority, Shearwater Air helps customers coordinate additional travel arrangements, including hotel and car rentals. When passengers exit the plane, they can expect their rental car packed with their luggage and belongings, waiting only yards from the plane. Shearwater Air has mastered the convenience of luxury travel!

Superior Safety Rating

Shearwater Air is rated “Platinum” by ARGUS, the worldwide leader in safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators and commercial airlines An ARGUS Rating is the most sought after form of charter operator recognition in the aviation industry. Shearwater Air is the only Monterey-based jet charter company with this rating.

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