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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Shearwater Air’s private jet charter differ from traveling on commercial airlines?

A. Chartering a private jet is far more luxurious and convenient than commercial airlines. Passengers skip security lines and baggage claim and pull their cars right up to the airplane to board, while Shearwater staff loads their baggage from their trunk onto the plane. There are no long waits on the tarmac; the jet is in the air in minutes. Private jets have access to over 5,400 airports compared to only 580 for commercial airlines. Customers can reserve their private jet charter based on their schedule; they do not have to worry about arranging travel plans around commercial airlines’ limited availability.

Q. How does the cost of private jet charter compare to first-class commercial airlines?

A. Private jet charter typically is more expensive on a per seat basis than first-class commercial airlines; however, private jet charter is more appealing when analyzing its costs against hidden costs of commercial travel. A Private jet reduces the overall travel time and eliminates the wasted time associated with commercial air travel.   Customers arrive closer to their ultimate destination, which can save the need for overnight stays.

Q.  What are the advantages of private jet charter for business travelers?

A. Busy travelers can visit multiple cities in a day, maximizing time and efficiency. Also, Shearwater Air business travelers can share confidential materials and discussion in a secure setting making productive use of travel time when traveling alone or with colleagues.

Q. Which aircrafts does Shearwater Air operate?

A. Shearwater Air also flies a Gulfstream G550, the most technologically advanced aircraft in its class.  The G550 is able to fly international non-stop itineraries.

Q.  How safe is Shearwater Air’s jet charter service?

A. Shearwater Air is rated “Platinum” by ARGUS, the worldwide leader in safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators and commercial airlines. Shearwater Air only dispatches approved planes and pilots who enforce rigorous safety standards. An ARGUS Platinum rating means Shearwater Air meets or exceeds the established ARGUS standards for safety history and crew experience. Shearwater Air is also the only Monterey-based jet charter company with its Federal Aviation Administration Part 135 certificate.

Q. How many people can the aircraft accommodate?

A. The Gulfstream G550 seats sixteen and is designed to maximize passenger comfort suitable for long range travel.

Q. Where is Shearwater Air located?

A. Shearwater Air’s headquarters is in Monterey at the Monterey Jet Center. Shearwater can travel to more than 5,400 airports in the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean, and with the recent addition of the Gulfstream G550, Shearwater Air can take you anywhere in the world with just one fuel stop.

Q. Does Shearwater Air fly internationally?

A. Yes, Shearwater flies to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Customers appreciate the convenience of U.S. customs when traveling on a private jet. Most often, passengers do not have to leave the plane for inspection.

Q. How far in advance do I have to call to reserve a private aircraft from Shearwater Air?

A. Shearwater can respond on very short notice, even in a matter of hours, subject to aircraft and crew availability. Typically, two weeks is enough time for Shearwater to make a charter reservation. During peak travel times, such as holidays, advanced notice is appreciated.

Q. Will there be passengers I don’t know on my charter flight?

A. No. When customers book a private jet charter, they decide who will be on the aircraft with them. Shearwater Air welcomes colleagues, families and even pets. Charter flight trips are private and secure, and can be as productive or relaxing as desired.

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