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Safety is of upmost importance to Shearwater Air and its customers.

Shearwater Air has an impeccable safety record in both its air charter and aircraft management services. It requires all of its pilots to have an Airline Transport Pilot license and a minimum of 5,000 PIC flight hours for captains and 3,000 SIC flight hours for first officers. All pilots must exceed the training standards set by the FAA for charter flights.

It can be difficult to keep up with ever-changing FAA rules, regulations and mandates, but Shearwater Air has invested in ARGUS’s PRISM system, the world’s most advanced safety management system, which provides a constructed pathway to ease the burden of compliance and improve the effectiveness of a flight operation. For Shearwater Air customers, this translates into an assured level of safety when flying.

With the PRISM system, Shearwater Air can identify opportunities for improvement in process design, documentation, system integration, management review and performance metrics. Shearwater Air is a leader in safety and continually revisits its processes to stay at the top of safety. 


Shearwater Air is rated "Platinum" by ARGUS.  ARGUS is the worldwide leader in safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators and commercial airlines. A high ranking from ARGUS speaks very highly of a charter’s safety record. In fact, ARGUS’ CHEQ system is the most comprehensive and detailed safety analysis program in the industry.

ARGUS’ inspection includes three major components: historical safety ratings, current aircraft and pilot background checks and on-site safety audits. Analysis of these components results in a Platinum rating, which means Shearwater Air meets the current ARGUS Platinum Rating requirements including, but not limited to, maintaining complete, current, and accurate data in the ARGUS CHEQ system suitable for producing an ARGUS TripCHEQ report.

Customers interested in Shearwater Air’s safety record can access the ARGUS CHEQ Report online. Discover Shearwater Air’s impressive marks in:

  • Pilots' experience and historical safety ratings
  • Pilot Certificates
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Operator Certificates
  • Accident and Incident Report
  • Enforcement Actions
  • Ownership and Management


Shearwater Air is IS-BAO Certified and also a member of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). IS-BAO was developed by IBAC and other industry leaders for the benefit of the industry. Using a code of best practices, Shearwater Air achieves a high level of safety and professionalism world-wide. Shearwater Air participated in extensive auditing programs during the certification process to ensure their daily operations met the international standards for safety, security and overall practices.

Customers can rest assure that Shearwater Air works with the highest international standards for an effortless and comfortable experience. Shearwater Air’s already consistent and excellent safety record compliments the IS-BAO comprehensive system that integrates safety, security, efficiency and effectiveness.

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